Week 20 MKMMA – Consistent Vision

Woman's Eye and World Globes

The insights we get in the powerful lessons in this MKMMA training amaze me time after time. Probably also because we are being taught the way we learned 3 x 3 at school. It is consistent practice! I guess this is the secret to all these habitual changes. Changing something out of your comfort zone needs some guts and perseverance.

All the pieces of the puzzle come together. All the mood types come along and all of them have to contribute their small part of the adaptation. I mean that when you are working on consistently visionalizing a life goal, you would have to feel like it and you would have to beat procrastination and fear to accomplish and then perseverance comes again. They are all needed, and so I understand that the inner change can become complete, cause everything inside grows into one strong fundament from which all power incites.

It is a funny feeling, and peaceful too, to know that this fundament is always with me. I can always get back to it, when I need it and it is still there, as if waiting for me. And I can be proud as well, since I created that situation.

For now my lesson is to be in consistent vision of my goal, all the time.

It sounds pretty easy haha, but as yet I still have a lot to conquer…




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