About Me

Born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I dare say this is my city although I live some 20 minutes up north.

My working past is in the field of translation, communication and dtp. During my employee’s life I also started my own company in business/corporate gifts. Health and living well is another prioritized topic. Living longer younger is my credo.

I found that being an entrepreneur is a great way to use your creativity. It asks for a certain mindset, flexible spirit, which makes that there will always be ideas to start from or get along with. My latest passion is internet marketing in which I find an immense new world of communication creativity.

Meeting likeminded people is an inevitable pleasure, and so network marketing became a rather important ingredient.

By the way, I am a passionate tea drinker. If you feel like sharing something with me, then you’re invited for a (virtual) cuppa.

Love life 🙂


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