Week 16 MKMMA – The Universe is Irresistible

By reading and absorbing the words and meaning of this sixteenth week of training the wired threads untwangled in the header I just wrote above this blog post. No matter what we think, the power we possess in energizing any thought, the universe reacts on.

The mere fact that the most successful people (what most people consider successful that is) had nothing when they started creating their success. They built it from an eager energy. Examples galore, and without mentioning names, we all know the stories when they started their careers in garages and with no place to sleep.

I just watched our Dutch Jaap van Zweden to become the chief-conductor of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. An amazing achievement. He already conducted the Dallas Symphony Orchestra where his special approach, his energy, changed all the musicians’ attitudes. Since he was asking them to be as perfect as one can get, he motivated them to be outstanding in their performance. They outreached their own art of which they didn’t think they had it. Now Jaap has had this talent all his life, he has been unstoppable since he was a kid and his magnetic sharing has this impact on other people.

So it is not a surprise that if we wish to learn more, we should surround ourselves with people who bring this energy with them. We are all different with our own energy and to a certain extent that is what we breathe into the universe and so that is what we get. Proof is in the pudding that when this tiny little change brings you to other thoughts, things around you change.

And that is what I read. The perseverance to constantly challenge yourself with your thoughts brings minor to major changes when we practice that. Anything is possible…

The universe is irresistible.




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