Week 18 MKMMA – Eye see

Every morning when I wake up, I tend to lay back for a little while to get the day started. As if my brains haven’t stood still while I was asleep, many ideas pop up and seem to solve minor or major issues I need an answer on. Not to forget the shower that follows and seems to polish what has been getting shape up there.

More than once I have found myself in dire straits figuratively, cause immediate answers were not at hand. But honestly I have often been saved by the bell, so to speak. The issues I dealt with have always been solved right on time!

To tell you the truth most of the time I feel that things will be ok. That sense has been deeply rooted in my system. I believe it has served me multiple times. The examples are to be found in e.g. finding some extra cash in a place I forgot, getting help from an unexpected corner, a sudden sale or a creative solution. It gives me peace and it is funny at the same time.

Last week I read a story about a girl from India that had been educated to use her third eye. By meditation and focus she was so well trained that she could blindfoldedly read out loud what had been written by someone else. And even cycle that way! This is just to illustrate that we can be meticulously precise!

Enjoy her story.

You can see her in this video (click the link)






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