Week 17 MKMMA – Prison Break

Writing the weekly blog is not so much a task that I don’t want to pick up. In fact, I love immersing in it. It brings me moments in contemplation and true descending of the insights I have been offered. I would love to hide away in that little wooden dream cottage surrounded with beautiful nature, and its open fireplace and just think the puzzle over. If only I wouldn’t have so many other responsibilities…

There we go… If only… Mark Januszewski talked about the word permission. He is right. The word and its meaning have everything it’s all about. Often it feels like life is a prison, because we are not alone, we have to socialize, to take care of other people, we need to make a living, we need to, we need to, we need to… How can be break free from this prison?

Maybe it never occurred to you/me, but we can give ourselves permission to seclude ourselves every once in a while. It has crossed my mind a lot lately. To release the strings a bit and allow myself to unleash the power within. Longing for the earnest concentration, to most probably find out that those prison bars have only been built by myself.

Permission lies in everything we do. Do I give myself permission to think in a certain way? The moment I don’t, the thought is gone. Thoughts we depend upon. Permission is a choice. It also has to do with being kind to yourself. A certain politeness. When did you ever think of being polite to yourself? I didn’t. But all at once I feel some softness in approach. I like it. The world would be softer if that kind of energy would prevail.

To do: I will find that pretty cottage this week 🙂





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