Week 20 MKMMA – Consistent Vision

Woman's Eye and World Globes

The insights we get in the powerful lessons in this MKMMA training amaze me time after time. Probably also because we are being taught the way we learned 3 x 3 at school. It is consistent practice! I guess this is the secret to all these habitual changes. Changing something out of your comfort zone needs some guts and perseverance.

All the pieces of the puzzle come together. All the mood types come along and all of them have to contribute their small part of the adaptation. I mean that when you are working on consistently visionalizing a life goal, you would have to feel like it and you would have to beat procrastination and fear to accomplish and then perseverance comes again. They are all needed, and so I understand that the inner change can become complete, cause everything inside grows into one strong fundament from which all power incites.

It is a funny feeling, and peaceful too, to know that this fundament is always with me. I can always get back to it, when I need it and it is still there, as if waiting for me. And I can be proud as well, since I created that situation.

For now my lesson is to be in consistent vision of my goal, all the time.

It sounds pretty easy haha, but as yet I still have a lot to conquer…




Week 19 MKMMA – Recharge on Demand

All these weeks we have been learning about our magic minds. The contradictions we experience when we change our minds, or set our thoughts in a different mode. That our minds are the vital force and cannot do without our thoughts to control our mood, our health and well-being. Therefore I think that thoughts could also be described as the energy recharging the battery of the mind.

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The fact that bad thinking can manifest itself in our bodies as fear, worry and nervousness, in our finances as lack and limitation, should in itself scare us and be a punishment to twirl in. Yet, it looks like many of us haven’t got an idea about their own self-destructiveness. As if victims and feeling comfortable in a situation – however bad – like addicts.

Does it have to do with how we are raised?

How to deal with our ways of thinking?

Why are some people very well capable of thinking positively and do others need more guidance?

Sometimes it is easier said than done I guess. I don’t want to judge other people on not being able to change their habits. I only wish for them to experience the joy of receiving the beautiful results, to be gained by experience.

Being able to at least understand that we will always need to start with ourselves to change the world around us, is a milestone. Once that process has ignited a source of energy, the recharging can begin with just a flip of the finger. Just as we wish!



Week 18 MKMMA – Eye see

Every morning when I wake up, I tend to lay back for a little while to get the day started. As if my brains haven’t stood still while I was asleep, many ideas pop up and seem to solve minor or major issues I need an answer on. Not to forget the shower that follows and seems to polish what has been getting shape up there.

More than once I have found myself in dire straits figuratively, cause immediate answers were not at hand. But honestly I have often been saved by the bell, so to speak. The issues I dealt with have always been solved right on time!

To tell you the truth most of the time I feel that things will be ok. That sense has been deeply rooted in my system. I believe it has served me multiple times. The examples are to be found in e.g. finding some extra cash in a place I forgot, getting help from an unexpected corner, a sudden sale or a creative solution. It gives me peace and it is funny at the same time.

Last week I read a story about a girl from India that had been educated to use her third eye. By meditation and focus she was so well trained that she could blindfoldedly read out loud what had been written by someone else. And even cycle that way! This is just to illustrate that we can be meticulously precise!

Enjoy her story.

You can see her in this video (click the link)





Week 17 MKMMA – Prison Break

Writing the weekly blog is not so much a task that I don’t want to pick up. In fact, I love immersing in it. It brings me moments in contemplation and true descending of the insights I have been offered. I would love to hide away in that little wooden dream cottage surrounded with beautiful nature, and its open fireplace and just think the puzzle over. If only I wouldn’t have so many other responsibilities…

There we go… If only… Mark Januszewski talked about the word permission. He is right. The word and its meaning have everything it’s all about. Often it feels like life is a prison, because we are not alone, we have to socialize, to take care of other people, we need to make a living, we need to, we need to, we need to… How can be break free from this prison?

Maybe it never occurred to you/me, but we can give ourselves permission to seclude ourselves every once in a while. It has crossed my mind a lot lately. To release the strings a bit and allow myself to unleash the power within. Longing for the earnest concentration, to most probably find out that those prison bars have only been built by myself.

Permission lies in everything we do. Do I give myself permission to think in a certain way? The moment I don’t, the thought is gone. Thoughts we depend upon. Permission is a choice. It also has to do with being kind to yourself. A certain politeness. When did you ever think of being polite to yourself? I didn’t. But all at once I feel some softness in approach. I like it. The world would be softer if that kind of energy would prevail.

To do: I will find that pretty cottage this week 🙂




Week 16 MKMMA – The Universe is Irresistible

By reading and absorbing the words and meaning of this sixteenth week of training the wired threads untwangled in the header I just wrote above this blog post. No matter what we think, the power we possess in energizing any thought, the universe reacts on.

The mere fact that the most successful people (what most people consider successful that is) had nothing when they started creating their success. They built it from an eager energy. Examples galore, and without mentioning names, we all know the stories when they started their careers in garages and with no place to sleep.

I just watched our Dutch Jaap van Zweden to become the chief-conductor of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. An amazing achievement. He already conducted the Dallas Symphony Orchestra where his special approach, his energy, changed all the musicians’ attitudes. Since he was asking them to be as perfect as one can get, he motivated them to be outstanding in their performance. They outreached their own art of which they didn’t think they had it. Now Jaap has had this talent all his life, he has been unstoppable since he was a kid and his magnetic sharing has this impact on other people.

So it is not a surprise that if we wish to learn more, we should surround ourselves with people who bring this energy with them. We are all different with our own energy and to a certain extent that is what we breathe into the universe and so that is what we get. Proof is in the pudding that when this tiny little change brings you to other thoughts, things around you change.

And that is what I read. The perseverance to constantly challenge yourself with your thoughts brings minor to major changes when we practice that. Anything is possible…

The universe is irresistible.



MKMMA Week 15 – Fearless

Wouldn’t you love to be fearless? Like a child that is fearless to a certain level. It seems so simple, yet in the course of life we tend to develop fears by our thoughts and experiences. I realized that every once in a while I go reminisce and cuddle up in a moment of my warm, careless and playful youth. Instantly you feel the energy flow.

Such moments are a treasure to keep and it was and is my wish to mix them into my present life to get back that particular feeling without having the fuzz and buzz of any other current chore that goes on and on. And it works, cause slowly I noticed that many parts of my behaviour have changed and I forgot about all the beauties that were once part of me.

So I am bringing back some good habits from childhood whereas I also work on changing wrong habits into new ones that I feel should enrich me as a person.

Knowing that this puzzle of life can be done would leave any fear away from us, cause we decide all the time. A thousand times a day. If all those decisions are made with happy thoughts, it would be party all the time 🙂

And fear is not part of that.


MKMMA Week 14 – Mind Factory

What a world of mind blowing information this MKMMA training is! Talking about minds, the very origin, the whole process of this factory called our human being is complicated and yet so understandable.

It is funny that I used the word mind blowing, cause in fact that is not at all what I want my mind to do. It should have been the most normal thing that would come to mind when thinking about the way the mind boggles.

Yes, everything is made of cells. Anything we touch, see, consists of cells. I wrote it earlier that we have our own army at hand, and that we have the power to have this army work for us. But now we also know that all the cells have their own mind and our bodies function as a factory of minds. They all have their own necessary job in order to have us function the best we can. It’s up to us how to feed their little powerful minds to perform at their best.

The more I recognize how my train of thoughts whiz around during the day, the more I stop, think and change it. It works and I love experiencing the progress.