Week 19 MKMMA – Recharge on Demand

All these weeks we have been learning about our magic minds. The contradictions we experience when we change our minds, or set our thoughts in a different mode. That our minds are the vital force and cannot do without our thoughts to control our mood, our health and well-being. Therefore I think that thoughts could also be described as the energy recharging the battery of the mind.

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The fact that bad thinking can manifest itself in our bodies as fear, worry and nervousness, in our finances as lack and limitation, should in itself scare us and be a punishment to twirl in. Yet, it looks like many of us haven’t got an idea about their own self-destructiveness. As if victims and feeling comfortable in a situation – however bad – like addicts.

Does it have to do with how we are raised?

How to deal with our ways of thinking?

Why are some people very well capable of thinking positively and do others need more guidance?

Sometimes it is easier said than done I guess. I don’t want to judge other people on not being able to change their habits. I only wish for them to experience the joy of receiving the beautiful results, to be gained by experience.

Being able to at least understand that we will always need to start with ourselves to change the world around us, is a milestone. Once that process has ignited a source of energy, the recharging can begin with just a flip of the finger. Just as we wish!




11 gedachtes over “Week 19 MKMMA – Recharge on Demand

  1. Great Post!!. I love this sentence ” Being able to at least understand that we will always need to start with ourselves to change the world around us, is a milestone.” When we realise this simple statement, we take control, as we can only control ourselves. Keep recharging!


  2. We are accountable to ourselves. We choose the focus and can change this focus to change our lives. This is what MKMMA has done for me. Helped me to use my thoughts effectively. This is the change I needed and will continue to do for the remainder of my life.

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