MKMMA Week 14 – Mind Factory

What a world of mind blowing information this MKMMA training is! Talking about minds, the very origin, the whole process of this factory called our human being is complicated and yet so understandable.

It is funny that I used the word mind blowing, cause in fact that is not at all what I want my mind to do. It should have been the most normal thing that would come to mind when thinking about the way the mind boggles.

Yes, everything is made of cells. Anything we touch, see, consists of cells. I wrote it earlier that we have our own army at hand, and that we have the power to have this army work for us. But now we also know that all the cells have their own mind and our bodies function as a factory of minds. They all have their own necessary job in order to have us function the best we can. It’s up to us how to feed their little powerful minds to perform at their best.

The more I recognize how my train of thoughts whiz around during the day, the more I stop, think and change it. It works and I love experiencing the progress.




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