MKMMA Week 13 – Default Navigation

Reading about the immense power of thought transforming into real achievements in daily life and a beautiful metaphor came to my mind that was shared by a friend today.

He said that we all have our built-in navigator. The navigator is our stable sensor that always wants to send us in the right direction. No matter what we do it will always give us a sign that we have to turn around or go left or right. At a certain moment we programmed it to lead us the way. We chose, we made that decision.

How often do we find that people blame others for not being successful themselves? Many times and they don’t remember their own part in that process. Somewhere down the line they changed their minds and made different decisions, deviating from the path. Getting mad with someone else is strange, to say the least. No one would kick a navigator in a corner for it being wrong, cause it just doesn’t make sense.

Every time when I read that our thoughts, our constructive thinking can create unlimited achievement I just wish that everybody would realize to untap this great gift and customize their navigator to their needs and wishes.



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