MKMMA Week 15 – Fearless

Wouldn’t you love to be fearless? Like a child that is fearless to a certain level. It seems so simple, yet in the course of life we tend to develop fears by our thoughts and experiences. I realized that every once in a while I go reminisce and cuddle up in a moment of my warm, careless and playful youth. Instantly you feel the energy flow.

Such moments are a treasure to keep and it was and is my wish to mix them into my present life to get back that particular feeling without having the fuzz and buzz of any other current chore that goes on and on. And it works, cause slowly I noticed that many parts of my behaviour have changed and I forgot about all the beauties that were once part of me.

So I am bringing back some good habits from childhood whereas I also work on changing wrong habits into new ones that I feel should enrich me as a person.

Knowing that this puzzle of life can be done would leave any fear away from us, cause we decide all the time. A thousand times a day. If all those decisions are made with happy thoughts, it would be party all the time πŸ™‚

And fear is not part of that.



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