MKMMA Week 12 – The Force Awakens

Undeniably this week, speaking yesterday, I went to see the new Star Wars movie. Not a die hard fan, I came along with the bunch of friends and family just to enjoy the party feeling of this long awaited box office success.


Greeted by Darth Vader himself and getting seated in the red velvet cinema chairs in one of the nicest new cinemas in Amsterdam at ‘De Hallen’ the whole room awaited the first sounds of that bring-back-memory music. A wave of recognition breathed in the room and people applauded at seeing their old (really old) friends back on the screen again.

It was too cute, it was fun, it was romantic, it was thrilling and full of special effects. Lots of oohs and aaahs. And I fell in love with BB-8…

The best thing was that everybody had a smile on his face when leaving the cinema hall.

What strikes me is that even after 30 years, the directors were able to create it again. The expectation, the dream was fulfilled, again. The very base was so good, cause they set their standards high, they believed in it and BAMMM they did it!

The force awakened.

I believe we all can awaken our force, time and time again.



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