MKMMA Week 11 – The Fruits of Thought

Whenever I am doing my daily reads I feel so indulged with all the beautiful words and their architecture. It’s always after multiple times that they touch base, but then it is like an explosion, a complete splash of cha ching sounds. This alone makes me the happiest person.

25I also understand that it is not like that for everyone. Sometimes I try to tell other people what is going on in those texts and they think I am talking nuts. Some people never heard of even thinking in this direction. To be able to play with this knowledge in your head and create the wealth of inspiring yourself and others and the future, is true wealth even thinking it.

It is all about the fruits of thought. The power of your thoughts to feed and grow.

I must repeat these words to share and bathe in them again… 🙂

Thought reaches its loftiest activity when plunged into its own mysterious depth; when it breaks through the narrow compass of self and passes from truth to truth to the region of eternal light, where all which is, was or ever will be, melt into one grand memory.

From this process of self contemplation comes inspiration which is creative intelligence, and which is undeniably superior to every element, force or law of nature, because it can understand, modify, govern and apply them to its own ends and purposes and therefore possess them.

Whatever things you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them and you shall have them. There is no limitation.

With love



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