MKMMA Week 10 – Persist and Succeed

Never before the meaning of the word persist had such a deep impact. Not one day goes by without me being tempted for a second to stand the persuasion of pulling back behind my beloved shield to proceed with some safe homely behaviour. Cause oh, it feels so comfortable to operate from this well-known position.

34The meaning of the word persist is to continue to do something or to try to do something even though it is difficult or other people want you to stop doing. It is interesting to find that exactly this particular issue seems to bother us. What do other people think of us or let’s say… me, or don’t want you to do? They say the most successful people don’t give a darn about what other people say or think. They just do their thing. Then why does it seem so difficult not to care? What is that fear? What does it mean? Afraid of not being loved? Thing is you can’t please the whole world. And people do talk anyway probably out of their own fear. So in the end it is all the same. Fear of other people’s fear.

This persistence challenge is an ongoing process. Like learning the new sentences and melody of a song. Over and over again. Until it is automated and part of the subby. Bad habit unlearned.

I persist and succeed.




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