MKMMA Week 9 – Tender Loving Care

Love! Love! Love!
Yes let’s stick around in Beatles’ texts… 🙂 Love for yourself, love for others, love for anything you want, or what others need. Genuine love for making things and people succeed, caring for that is. We usually get most happy from caring for something or someone. Sharing love and care is what we thrive on.

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I have noticed this so many times. When someone counts on your delivering your promise or work, it feels like making a deadline, you know exactly what to do to finish the task. You don’t want to let the other down. When the job is done, everybody happy 🙂 Happy to see two happy faces.

Or like parents taking care of their baby. They love to teach the baby all there is it needs to grow up to become the most fantastic person. Tender loving care to get the best. You give the best to get the best. With genuine love.
So genuine love is true passion. No doubts and side thoughts. Just clean and honest thoughts.

The story of the plant: grow the seed, water it, see it bloom. Thanks to the love you put into it. To think that this genuine honesty, the TLC, could be used to help yourself grow to the extent you wish to be, no matter what it is – even the tiny little steps at a time – makes the puzzle of succeeding in life seem doable.

Just do it with love!



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