MKMMA Week 8 – 2015 Imagine

Imagination… don’t we love it? It is the most important virtue we have. Without it we cannot create, and creation is vital. Everything starts with imagination. I read it in MKMMA’s 8th week’s texts. The energy of imagination is of huge importance to live the life of our own dreams.

The power this energy brings can change lives. The last few weeks we have been training to control our thoughts, way of thinking and immediately you can see things change in your environment. This means for good as well as for bad. A positive thought brings out the best and a negative thought equally so the other way round. We noticed what happens on a global level when shocking activities take place. The world is in shock. Hence, positive forces rise to overrule negativity.

This very week, the most famous song ‘Imagine’ has reached a #1 position in the top 2000 best songs ever. I can imagine why. We all crave for this imagination… for all the people to live a life in peace! Innumerable amounts of people sent their energy to have ‘Imagine’ rule the charts again, even after all those years. I am certain that at the moment all these imaginations infatuate billions of people in the world to set their thoughts on living a life in peace it must be attainable to change it that way.

The power of love is electrifying…

Imagine, living life in peace



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