MKMMA Week 7 – 2015 The Mental Army


Mental Army

Never completely realized that my entity, being me, myself and I, was not just one given fact. A human being, a person, a thing. I appear to consist of/exist from billions of thinking cells both in mind and body which are my own Mental Army… My own mental workers that do exactly as I wish!

Can you imagine?? Billions of assistants and they all do what I tell them to do. I was left breathless when I realized this. It’s not something to just take for granted, this is serious business. It means that if I don’t give the right instructions things will massively end in a catastrophy. For there are so many workers that have to point their little noses in the same and right direction. I say the compounding effect of an unclear briefing may be obvious…

This MKMMA course is a feast of moments of realization. Cause now it becomes clear that we should not just live like that. A complete waste of unlimited possibilities. We are here to teach. Teach ourselves, teach others, it never stops. If we do not teach our mental workers, our own cells, what we need, how should they know??

I find myself in the challenge of how I will be the best teacher for my Mental Army. Starting with feeling, arousing vitality to thought and the will to hold it steadily until the Law of Growth brings it into manifestation.

Yes, we can 🙂



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