MKMMA Week 6 – 2015 Mind In Motion

Now this is something I can relate to πŸ™‚ My mind in motion. My mind is always in motion. I believe that if I could take a picture, it would look like an electrical power circuit with fireworkish effect.

I am working on cleaning the mental room and after last week’s insights I feel very happy that I am on the right way. What is that right way? We all have our own goals, but in order to streamline the electric current shocks that keep on pounding this cleaning is a MUST.

Especially after reading that the brain, our overall battery, is being told as a technical story, a mechanism that we need to control. Sounds logical, although it is hard to give up on all the thoughts that seem to belong to me. Do I really need to get rid of them? That is my incrowd discussion. Therefore I chose to park some of my thoughts in a mind folder. I am now working on one thing at a time. Planned and focussed, even if it is just two hours a day. It helps. The magnifying glass is a fact.

magnifying glass

Nothing becomes impossible with focussing. Or read anything is possible. It feels so good to feel the victory of getting control.

This way the look at the gal in the glass has turned into a more proud look. She regains her self-confidence in making progress in the wired bulb of electrical currents.

A sizzling sensation.



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