MKMMA Week 4 – 2015 Deafening Silence

The past two weeks were like a hurricane in my head. Storms of thoughts blazing my mind, making me happy, but also tumbling over and over one another and sometimes leaving me paralysed… It is not new and Haanel mentions it which made me stop again and think (what else? :-)) accompanied by a sigh of relief. The trigger to listen to the basics, the secret: silence.

Wonderful coach Claes Wallenberg thought it was time to talk to me and get me back on track. He told me one of his favourite to do things was drop out for some 24 hours in the woods on his own, in silence… no speech, just he, himself and nature. And that it helped him to come back fresh and relieved, stronger. This weekend he wrote his group that he had packed his bags to experience this gift again. He said take those 15 minutes a day at least and you will find that you come out stronger. (Grateful for your wise words Claes)

My AHA moment came when I thought: I can be staring at my screen with nothing coming out of my hands or sit still in silence for the same amount of minutes and get back that precious power of attainment. WIN-WIN 🙂

It feels great to see this time not as being a waste of time, but as a gift which is as important as breathing. We need that moment of relaxation and detox I would almost say. A few moments of dusting away unwanted crap.

My brains will thank me for it, to give them some air. And… it might even help in making my life last longer, as studies reveal that mental silence (also sleep) is one of the main rejuvenators.

My blueprint battle slowly eases its way out.

SSSSShhhhhht with love



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