MKMMA Week 3 – 2015 Unleash the Sun Within

A sea of words in stylishly built sentences met my eyes during the first read of Haanel’s lesson this week. Not text to quickly pass through, but to seriously drip into my mind to understand the flow and the meaning. It is so beautiful to read how the untouchable inside of us works. It goes deep down and it makes me wonder as well.

Haanel talks about fear. Fear is the killer of all the powers we have inside us. I agree that this is a fact and we all know it, nobody has to tell us that. However, the Solar Plexus or the sun inside us seems to be something we need to be taught that we possess. How come we don’t have to be taught about fear? How come that fear is the ruling factor? I would rather see that we all ARE aware that we have the sun as a default possession that masters our lives. Wouldn’t it be a complete different starting point?

The man who knows that he has a Solar Plexus will not fear criticism. How come we don’t know we have a solar plexus? I think I do know, I think it is what we are born with and the basis of our well functioning. I always thought it is LOVE, the happy feeling Haanel calls the source of power, energy and life. Fear only came later and uninvited. Having this thought makes it look so simple. That incredible ball called Sun we always carry with us, to be unleashed and not be overruled. It is right there at our disposal.

The next step is to really concretize this in automating the practice. Relaxation is the key to allow the mental faculties to exercise the greatest freedom. Is it that simple? Having everything inside and at hand…

Silly me… It is 2 am, I should get some sleep and let the Sun do its work.

Thanks for the wake-up call 🙂




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