MKMMA Week 2 – 2015 The Best Paid Job

I have come to realize that I have landed in having a very responsible job. My new position is that of Head of Mind Control. As Financial Controllers usually have the major say in companies I now have taken this responsible task. The word realize expresses exactly what has dawned upon me. Always thought about the mind too lightly whereas it is completely up to ourselves to manage and direct our way of thinking to build a strong and solid base deep down in the subconscious.

Reading Haanel’s uplifting words this past week once again shows me that it is really a job you have to master. A subconscious that can precisely be the way you want it. Like teaching a baby to walk, step by step, or build your house brick by brick, fine tuned with precision. To read and know this is true, that we can do this is so revealing. And no one else has to bother you with it. If anyone might think this is a sekt or so haha.

The influence all these processes have on our body, and so our health both physically and mentally. I love those sentences: the storehouse of memory; it harbors the wonderful thought messengers, who work, unhampered by time or space; it is the fountain of the practical initiative and constructive forces of life: It is the seat of habit.

And this one: On the spiritual side, it is the source of ideals, of aspiration, of the imagination, and is the channel through which we recognize our Divine Source, and in proportion as we recognize this divinity do we come into an understanding of the source of power.

The source of power that we all have and maybe not know we have. So silly that all this power is untapped. Incomprehensible. But we are all creators, that is what every ignorant person knows, because we can think. By thinking we create.

The fact that our thoughts are directly connected to the Universe, I have found myself struggling in my stubborn blueprint only to find that I am my own enemy or friend. I decide and I am responsible to make this highly qualified job work. The rewards will outreach any salary.



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