MKMMA Week 1 – 2015 Immersion

So I am heading for another leap into immersion in the power of consciousness. My own…

I tried before, challenging a stubborn blueprint that survived the penalties of an adolescent conditioned mind. It is about growth, training, persistence and continuous action to concretize whatever it is you want. A game you can master… funny if you look at it that way. People like to climb the highest mountains to prove something for themselves. Nobody teaches you at school to do these things. The fact that people find ways to excell, requires a mindset that realises this for them. I think this is interesting, and in my opinion this could only mean that in order to be excellent in something you need to have a passion, a burning desire to achieve that goal. Once you know your what you aim for you just have to follow the path to reach it. This quality is hidden in everyone’s within.

Easier said than done. Here’s where we enter the blurred zone at the same time. What if you don’t know what you are aiming at? When you don’t know which way to choose? Or maybe don’t want to choose, cause there are so many. The fact remains that if you don’t know where you are going to you will end up somewhere else.


Nothing new cause through the ages people have been trying to unravel the mind’s mystery for practical use. Books galore, written by gurus and famous business owners, that talk about our intuition or gut feeling: the subconscience that is our most important determinator with regard to our decision making. It is no longer a secret yet it seems untapped by many. I love for Mark and Davene Januszewski to spread this educational word.

My puzzled head knows that it needs to be tamed and therefore the journey continues. The immersion at a subliminal level can begin and will be leveraged.



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