Week 7 – The Protective Shield and The Battle of Thoughts

Even if my brain tries to deceive me, my heart will whisper the truth…

I have never been put to the test so severely as this week. The battle of thoughts or better be called the detoxing almost immediately kicked it off. Dwelling upon negative thoughts is no longer a point of discussion so these will not be cited. A mental diet – fantastic phrase – that teaches us to not entertain any negative thought that wishes to tap into our brain. Think of it, the word entertain is so true. Every time a negativity knocks on my door, I have the choice to do something with it or leave it to be. The moment it occurs push that mental button and exchange it for a positive thought. Think of something else. Use your protective shield… our shield of love that protects us from the dangers outside.

Now why step out of my comfort zone and start on a mental diet? Sometimes it feels like so necessary and ‘gooood’ to ‘rage’ that I cannot even imagine that being like the Dalai Lama could be my thing. But thoughts are food as well. Our body and minds belong together and need to be nourished. How do you feed it to get the best results? The quality of life we all crave for needs the best ingredients. Thoughts determine the character of our lives and controlling these will cause a change in our condition. So, yes the diet is tough, but the rewards will be concrete in a new shaped life.

I am the student in the battlefield and learning a lot 🙂

I feel like a raider of love for myself…



24 gedachtes over “Week 7 – The Protective Shield and The Battle of Thoughts

  1. My tests in keeping negativity away is a great challenge since I don’t realize how easy it is to respond to someone else’s negativity. I am getting good at keeping my opinions/thought in check for negativity but in a conversation …I just get sucked in! Aghhhhhhh…

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  2. “And most of all I love myself. For when I do, I zealously inspect all things which enter my body, my mind, my soul and my heart…”. I’m so happy to continue to follow your story Fabiana.

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  3. I notice that all of us are facing some kind of test this week. Mental diet of keeping negativity away…replace it with another good thought. I say” I love you silently and smile” It works .
    Thank you for sharing this experience with us


  4. So very true – our old blueprints find the most improbable times to flex their remaining strength.

    What do you see as the purpose (in the 2nd Scroll) – for setting aside our love (shield) to walk unencumbered among -mankind-? I am still strugling with that phrase – I don’t want to let go of this strong shield\love once built… perhaps we will learn as we go!

    Thank you!

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  5. Fabiana, your last sentence “I feel like a raider of love for myself…” is beautiful, I love it! It made me immediately think of the Dan Millman’s book “The Peaceful Warrior” and also the fantastic Paulo Coelho “Light Warrior Handbook”. Actually, you are all together a raider, a warrior and a hero, and this is why you deserve all the love of the universe for yourself!

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