Week 6 – It’s all about love

Who would have thought that this tiny little paperback that Og Mandino wrote way back in 1968 would be my treasure to hold day in day out lately? A beautiful 112-page plan of how to improve your life. Isn’t it the best idea in the world?

Originated from someone who loved writing and publishing from a young age he got to reading almost every book on the topic of self-help there was to be found in the US. Putting down all the knowhow in this relatively small book requires a thorough view of what life is all about and proves that the keys are right in front of us to lead a happy and joyful life.

Og’s wife Bette was his editor. In an interview she said that The Ten Scrolls were written in 24 hours… As if Og was lead by some power, his pen just kept on flowing the words down. He wanted to tell the world that it was OK to be a success and be happy and joyful. Nobody had to live in a state of fear. And everyone’s success can be different. Success is a completely personal thing. Whether you would crave for a big house or rather play with animals. It is all good.

What lingers on in my mind from the second scroll is the importance of the word love. I will greet this day with love in my heart. And then we read what love is capable of… He perfectly sums it all up. Love is the greatest secret of success, love renews, solves everything. The energy of love only charges positivity. It so meets my thoughts on what I always wondered about religion, what it is that people need. To see it expressed in so much detail makes my heart jump.

In the end it all comes down to love.




13 gedachtes over “Week 6 – It’s all about love

  1. Love your post Fabiana ! simple and straight from the heart. So wonderful to read the additional info on Og, his life, the Scrolls… thanks for doing the research for us 🙂 wishing you a enriching day full of loving feelings.

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  2. Your brilliant heart shines and speaks to me through your words! The Book really does have that feel of the universe channeled, doesn’t it? Thanks so much for sharing those little tidbits about Og! Who would have thought, indeed!

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