Week 5 – Why would you want to change your blueprint?

You might just accept yourself… the way you are. A few people came with these remarks when I told them what kind of mastermind I am in. It made me think. Yes why shouldn’t I just be happy with myself the way I am? It even confused me a little. Would I be working and attempting to grow my subconscious to a different level, where it might not even be necessary in order for me to lead the life of my dreams.

There are many ways that lead to Rome. Accepting your own characteristics is a form of gratitude and respect without feeling bad about it. Whichever road there is to take. Both of them need exploration. Finding the key to working with your subconscious is not a day-to-day job for the majority of people I know. Yet to find out about its ‘technology’ is like being invited to an elite group that is allowed to learn something special. It is not only a challenge but also an exploration to areas in self-development where I never seemed to have been, seen from the surface. So yes somehow it feels like flying to the moon. What will be out (rather in) there that will give us so many anwers? It’s my curiosity, I just need to know how it works, to feel it.

When I read about the metaphore mental housecleaning and that we would have to keep the house clean if we are to make progress of any kind, it becomes so obvious.

Others use different techniques to beat their ‘bad’ habits. They either kick them when they pop up, or they embrace them to position them any place where they will not bother them.

So why would I want to change my blueprint? Guess my answer is that being able to choose whatever I want the blueprint to look like equals ultimate freedom.



13 gedachtes over “Week 5 – Why would you want to change your blueprint?

  1. Changing the blueprint may not be necessarily equivalent to not appreciating who you are. Loving ourselves is a biggie. But, if we are not happy or satisfied with our lives right now, change will be inevatible.
    Remarks from others are coming from their current blueprint. Being aware of that helped me not to debate them…
    How did you do with the no opinions this week? Especially being questioned your decision to join this course I can imagine it may have been challenging.

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    • Thank you Mariska! 🙂 I have always listened to what people had to say, and often I learned from it. I remember things that people told me many years ago and when I reflected on it I helicoptered and it happened that I realized that I could approach things differently or try to think differently. I still appreciate those encounters with myself because of other people’s opinions.

      Having no opinions myself is a tough job, but I have noticed that having less opinions generates more energy for other things. Saves time as well 🙂

      Wishing you a wonderful night/day

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  2. Hi Fabiana, There are so many people with opinions out there, isn’t there? some stronger than others. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. It’s finding our own Dharma that counts, cause we have to face the Gal in the glass every night. How are you going with keeping up with everything?

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