Week 4 – Reap What You Sow

More and more evidence shows that opportunities in whatever sense are the key to open doors or close them. Every day I get hundreds of opportunities in front of my eyes and in my mind. It’s raining opps. I am not talking about business opportunities alone, since this might be an obvious explanation for the word. I mean the innumerable amount of choices that cross our minds every second or minute. The never ending chain.

When I speak for myself my brain never seems to stand still. I can work all day with only me, myself and I and never get bored. The thoughts and ideas forever keeping me busy, illustrating an industrious image like a market place – constantly dealing with choices and actions to be taken. Every decision has a result that leads in a certain direction which you might like or not. Small decisions can have great, even far reaching results. The beauty of life or should I say the pitfall?

It has been said it doesn’t matter what decision you make, you can always make a new decision and change the course of things. But you would have to be the artist in the theatre. This is what I would call disastrous. A constant battlefield in which the answer has to be traced like enemies.

I now understand why taking some 15 minutes rest in the form of meditation somewhere during the day, puts you back on earth. The relaxing energy that starts flowing through the veins so it seems, really brings freshness and clarity. As if releasing a certain form of stress that should not have been there anyway. The mind cleaning the body from negative chi. It set me to thinking that I should really stop endless planting of seeds of chaos in my world within. Cause if I sow the seeds of chaos I will reap chaos.

I’d rather reap the fruits…



14 gedachtes over “Week 4 – Reap What You Sow

  1. I love the images of this post! Planting and reaping the seeds of chaos, which in turn grows more chaos!
    And yet… I’d far rather have the world raining opportunity down on me, than raining down trial or neglect! So does that make opportunity and chaos opposite sides of the same coin?

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    • Opportunities are welcome – any kind of opportunity – it’s just how to make choices. Why would the opposite of raining opportunities be trial or neglect?

      Opportunities will always come and appear. It is what you decide to do with them, create chaos or not 🙂


  2. What about not battling, but observing and choices not being urgent? I find my mind racing like time is going to run out…. an arbitrary belief at best.
    Thoughts? You are my number 8! So hi there!


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