Week 3 – Happiness as a State of Being

Realizing that all that I ever heard about sources of power to enable us to take care of any situation in life which may develop is within such a close reach, makes me feel like a child in a candystore. The feeling of excitement, jumping up and down, not yet sure what the exact feeling will really be like…

Why? Because I feel, know, that change has set in. The Haanel paragraphs, at first entangled and then slowly unraveled to be absorbed to form a bed of wisdom and rock solid foundation inside my conscious mind. I know it is going to be good, more than fantastic, just for you to understand the frolic picture.

Slowly but surely I can see and feel links coming together. I happened to see a very happy film in the cinema this week. Hector and the Search for Happiness. Just go and see it! The wonderful thing in this film is that it is all about happiness. One of the quotes used was: happiness as a state of being. And with a few others it remained in my head. As a state of being… like in default setting… So there is no other way… happiness in the first place… just because…

And it is exactly what we are learning in Mark J’s training. Make all the default settings as good as they can get and happiness is a fact. I just felt that this link was just a start in my brains for many new insights yet to come.

The next day I suddenly had to go for a walk to pick something up at my father’s place.

…And I walked in the dark, my legs and feet swiftly changing left right left right… in a quick pace and they just did, I didn’t even feel them, they smilewalked me rythmically as if dancing with the street and I knew happiness as a state of being…

You get my drift?



9 gedachtes over “Week 3 – Happiness as a State of Being

  1. Happiness is our natural state indeed. Now where’s that reset button ?! let’s forget all those customisations… And forget moon-walking too… Smile-walking is going to be the new rage ! Wonderful post Fabiana.

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