Week 2 – The Beauty of Words… And That Mysterious Source that Never Sleeps

Those beautiful words my eyes are allowed to read! It must be the art of language that thoughts and views can be described so precisely. In all complexity it suddenly seems simple.

The beauty of the words and what they do to me consciously and subconsciously deserves a royal treatment and can only be shared with the utmost delicacy. I try my best…

I feel it as a gift, a kind of home coming feeling to have a peep in the strategy of our being. Already… as if the pillars of my constitution have digged deeper and stand stronger. In love… with the sensation, perhaps a touch of the infinity of subconscious wealth that will flow into my soul, to never leave.

What is happening with you, you probably think. It may sound as if taken by a miracle, but no… In fact I have always been philosophizing about how things work and honestly, that is a never ending process. This Master Key Master Mind Alliance just puts the finger on it. In fact it focuses my train of thoughts into the right direction.

The funny thing is that when you feel happy and strong, boundaries seem to fade. Self-confidence suddenly seems to be the most natural thing in the world. Hey! Where has the insecurity gone? No, not drugged… As if channels are opened in a mystical way and energy flows into the dried rivers hidden away deep down. The unlocked doors opening, this time to make the unborn treasures appear.

Just saying that even after only two weeks the difference is starting to reveal itself. Changing habits! Not everybody is thinking about these things. As you watch other cultures you see all kinds of different habits. They don’t even consider changing them, because they have lived with them for ages. It is all just what they have been taught.

This has far reaching effects. There are countries where people have an overall low self-esteem. They have never heard somebody tell them anything positive. It is about so many people thinking one direction that success is out of the question. Negative pressure holds them back.

O, why don’t people learn all the good things in school? Why is something that we all possess not attainable for everybody? And it is FREE.

I perceive it as a privilege to experience this source of energy and send it out to the universe for all people to catch a twinkle.



12 gedachtes over “Week 2 – The Beauty of Words… And That Mysterious Source that Never Sleeps

  1. I love how you exude joy and gratitude. You are so right; getting to read the words in Greatest a Salesman is a gift and privilege, and I will start remembering that every time I read them!
    And oh, your thought about boundaries fading once we are happy – what a concept that is! And I’ve seen that in my own life, just didn’t take note of it.
    Keep philosophizing! I will look eagerly for each thought!

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  2. Very poetic your writing Fabiana. This whole journey is definitely a channel opener… so that the divine Universal Mind can flow freely… Ik kijk al uit naar je volgende post !

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  3. Indeed, there are habits that don’t feel like habits. They are so embedded into my daily life that It was hard to notice they were like dance moves I was repeating all the time and had to be changed. Your blog ‘vind ik leuk’.


  4. You are right the education system (seems to be universal) doesn’t teach self-esteem, but we can lead by example. Belief in ourselves will have a domino effect on those we meet. And the MKMMA course shows us the way through our exciting hero’s journey. Thanks for a great blog. 🙂


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