Week 1 – The most adventurous journey within starts today…

ItalyTraveling has always been one of my greatest joys. To see new and different cultures. Meeting people and experiencing the history of all time. The happiness that comes from these trips gives me the power and the fire to move on to our daily chores with a big smile. It makes life ying and yang.

A new journey has come my way. One that is probably the most important journey I will ever make. The journey within. The journey to my inner self. Isn’t that interesting? Traveling everywhere and not went that far? I have the feeling it will be mindblowing and honest. The words: not one exterior thing can make you shine more than YOU! set one to thinking.

The exploration and the lessons coming with it will cover 26 weeks. 26 Weeks of working on mindset and the art of change. During the course of our lives we all adopted habits, some of them are like brushing your teeth, automated. And we do not always like these subconscious robots… unless they do what we want them to do.

Not too long ago I spoke to an old professor who had all the great philosophers’ books in his bookcase. I asked him what was the main message he got from studying and reading all those books. He answered me with one word only: “Change”.

Throughout the centuries the change of mind has been the way to survive. The only way to reach happiness. The flexibility of the mind created by yourself determines whether you are in a constant fight or in a harmonious flow. Being the creator and the master of your own actions aiming at goals you wish to achieve is the ultimate way to freedom. Unfortunately, this is something we don’t learn at school.

When Mark Januszewski’s Master Key Master Mind Alliance training caught my eye, I immediately applied.

I am so excited to what will cross my path. And many more explorers have packed their bags to embark on this invaluable expedition. I would love to share my adventures and hope it will inspire you to always find a way to improve…



8 gedachtes over “Week 1 – The most adventurous journey within starts today…

  1. Hi Fabiana. Love that. “The Art Of Change”. Knowing that we are the artists, the sculptors, the architects of our own lives. Let’s keep practicing till we become masters. Enjoy the Journey. Looking forward to your next post. Peace.


  2. You write with talent, Fabiana, I love your travel metaphore to explain the other metaphore of the hero’s journey. If I would not have been involved yet in MKMMA, I would have been inspired to join it right away with this post!

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  3. This post really speaks to me. Traveling is one of my favorite things, too, and for similar reasons! I love new places, new experiences, new people!
    And I love your insight; even though I refer to the MKMMA process as a journey, the parallel between traveling to a place within never occurred to me! We make plans, we make maps, we research where we’re going and what we’re going to do when we get there… thank you so much!

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  4. I love your travel analogy. Change is the only constant and yet how we resist it. But Change is exciting too if we see the positive in it and resist the old blue print which says ‘ah but, what if’ in a negative voice. However, ‘ah but, what if I have a wonderful experience’ frees us to explore the world both without and within.


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